Dosing screws for bulk material

for Food and Non-Food industry

Screw Feeder Configurator


Dosing screws made by PAUL GROTH Mühlenbau are based on a modular design and will be adapted to the product properties, the installation options and the process requirements. For example inlets and outlets are standard or designed exactly to customer specification.

Our screw feeders are made of steel, stainless steel or highly resistant steel e.g. Hardox.

The dosing screws are available in category II3D for usage in potentially explosive atmospheres in ATEX zone 22.

Our customers can get drawings of the dosing screw in common 2D and 3D file formats with their order.

Dosing screws
Discharge and dosing tubular screw conveyor
Dosing trough screw conveyor
Multiple discharge and dosing screw conveyor
Dosier-Rohrschnecken Siloentnahme Dosierschnecke Dosier-Trogschnecken Mehrfachaustrags- und Dosierschnecke